Federal Law About Crimes Against Elderly  

People in general, now days are more aware and demand the attention of their elected candidates to act against any abuse or crime to the elderly people. There are four common types of such abuses like physical or sexual assault; emotional and psychological; financial; and abandonment.

There are laws that provide special protections to these victims. It is a modification or extension of the already existing law to attend to older victims. The Federal Older Americans Act of 1965 and Vulnerable Elder Rights Protection Program in 1992 are meant to promote and attend to the needs of these elderly victims. Elderly people who are above some specified age are taken care of with laws that are created with special offences involving crimes and abuses against them. This has helped in a long way with increased reports about abuses to elders. But it is yet to be considered as under reported.

States have now mostly taken the help and assistance of social service groups and law enforcement agencies in investigating the reports of such abuse and intervene in time. These elderly victims are even helped out of the abusive circumstances, much to their relief. The police need to be trained to apprehend those who abuse elders. Effective information ought to be shared by social services, law enforcement, and financial institutions.

One of the other things about these laws is that the victims are allowed to claim compensation. This may come as a great help because the elderly may generally have a fixed income and a minor loss could also mean a great deal to them.

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Federal Law About Crimes Against Elderly



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Federal Law About Crimes Against Elderly )
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