Age Discrimination And Equal Pay

Age Discrimination And Equal Pay

Equal pay act means that men and women in the same organization should receive same compensation for equal amount of work. The jobs that they do should be identical and the working conditions need t be similar. Age discrimination is also not approved by the law when it comes to people who work under similar environment, circumstances and work profile.

The main things that are taken into consideration while measuring work and pay are as follows:

Skill set: The skill set factor is measured using various parameters like experience, ability, training and exposure, education and strengths. The skills required for the job is taken into consideration and not what the individual employee has. So even if one employee is over qualified by education for the job, he still cannot be paid more compared to another person in the same job profile.

Work profile: The work profile of the person is also taken into consideration and the amount of physical or mental effort the job takes is measured. Regardless of the job being held by an old person or young person, if it requires the same amount of effort to be put in by either then compensation cannot be discriminated.

The working conditions for all the people in a similar job profile should be the same and any differentiation can amount to discrimination.

Similarly a person cannot be refused a job on the grounds of age when the company has employed other people in a similar job role of equal age. Also, if the person has the skill and ability to perform the given task, then age cannot play a factor for the position offered.

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