Age Discrimination And Performance Evaluation

Age Discrimination And Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a process which takes into account the job profile being executed by the employee and should be purely based on the skills and capabilities of the person. Age, race and sex cannot play a role in performance evaluation. Most people get tensed when it comes to performance evaluation and also feel they are deprived seeing the results which could be due to their age or sex.

However, an individual can do their own performance evaluation and build a string case in case they feel they are being deprived by their company.

Performance evaluation is always conducted for a specific period of time like six months or one year. The work done during the previous year is evaluated. Always make sure that the superiors stick to the specific performance time table set for you and do not let them exceed that.

Every performance evaluation is done for a purpose and make sure the purpose is established well before.

The evaluation of performance should comply with the federal laws and state laws. There is several anti-discrimination laws set by the federal laws and you can make sure that your performance evaluation complies with all the laws.

You should also make sure that the confidentiality of the process is kept as described. Usually only a supervisor or the immediate superior can perform the evaluation in most cases. Breach of confidentiality would occur if anyone who is not concerned with the report accesses it.

Also, determine the objective and the subjective criteria for the evaluation and see if the evaluation fits into the criteria.

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Age Discrimination And Performance Evaluation
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