Age Discrimination Cases In Federal Hiring

Age Discrimination Cases In Federal Hiring

The federal laws clearly state that if a person is mentally and physically fit to carry out a certain job, then age should not play a factor in offering that person the position. Employment discrimination is prohibited on the grounds of race, sex, color and religion mainly.

The Age Discrimination Act was set apart mainly to protect people who are above the age of 40. If the individual has already established that they are qualified to do the job, then the opportunity should not be denied to them on the grounds of age.

Age discrimination also protects the interests of certain people with disabilities. If the disabilities are not going to interfere with the tasks designated, then the individual has every right to get the job.

The federal law prohibits all kinds of discrimination against employees and applicants. For example, if a 50 year old man applies in a freight company for a job and if the job involves lugging heavy loads, then the employer has the right to evaluate the person physically. On physical examination if the person is found to be fit, then the employer, in this case the federal government, cannot deny the job and give the same job to an applicant who is much younger or fit. There may be several applicants and each person’s physical strength may vary but their physical strengths should match with what is required for the job.

These are some basic parameters used for the evaluation for determining if a person is fit for the job. Also, when it comes to job applications there may be several applicants for the same profile and the company has the right to choose on grounds of suitability and offer the job to a person they have selected.

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Age Discrimination Cases In Federal Hiring
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