Age Discrimination In Employment Cases

Age Discrimination In Employment Cases

Age discrimination is a problem that exists. It is a reality that many people have to face. Three prominent cases of age discrimination in the United States are discussed below:

Case 1: Sprint/United Management Company Vs Ellen Mendelsohn
This case pertains to the illegal termination of an ex-employee Ellen Mendelsohn by her ex-employer, US Phone major, Sprint. The company on its part justified the termination as part of the downsizing exercise. However, Ellen Mendelsohn claimed that she was fired due to her age and pressed charges against her former employer Sprint for unlawful discrimination against her on the basis of age, in breach of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

Case 2: Federal Express Corp. v. Holowecki
This case pertains to the illegal termination of employees, by their ex-employer Federal Express Corporation, solely on the basis of their age. The staff of the delivery department of the courier major, Federal Express Corporation (FEC), pressed age discrimination charges against their former employer. They claimed that FEC instructed the staff to deliver many packages within a stipulated time, thus making it difficult for delivery staff of over 40 years of age to match the pace of delivery. They also claimed that there was no need for them to deliver so many packages but the management, with a view to terminate their services, had asked them undergo this ordeal and eventually fired them because their speed of delivery did not match that of the younger delivery staff.

Case 3: Meacham v. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
This case pertains to the termination of about 31 employees at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL), a government contractor that designs naval nuclear reactors. KAPL maintained that they terminated the services of the employees due to lack of consistency in their performance. However, the terminated employees contended that they were discriminated because of their age, as all but one employee were over 40 years of age and sued their ex-employer on charges of age-bias.

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Age Discrimination In Employment Cases
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