Being A Victim Of Age Discrimination At Work And What To Do

Being A Victim Of Age Discrimination At Work And What To Do

Age discrimination in companies does not happen only when some one has applied for a position but also with the employees who are already working. Most people are not offered new job roles or growth opportunities in spite of having the credentials because of their age. There are several kinds of discrimination in the books of law.

Direct Discrimination is a situation when someone else is blatantly treated better or favored more because they are younger and are better. Unless this kind of treatment can be justified by the employer, it is considered as age discrimination otherwise.

Indirect Discrimination is a situation where some people are not included in certain activities or opportunities due to their age. The employer can be charged for age discrimination whether it was done intentionally or not.

Direct harassment is a situation where the employee is treated with less respect, humiliated or intimidated while working. This would amount to emotional harassment of the employee on eh grounds of age discrimination. Harassment is an unlawful act whether it is done to an aged person or a woman or anyone else.

In a situation where a person is ill treated due to age or secluded while assigning job responsibilities, it is called victimization. Also, by suddenly increasing work responsibility and then undermining by saying lack of performance also amounts to victimization. Several situations like this can arise in work environment and there are provisions in the Age Discrimination Act to guard people who are older against such kinds of harassment.

If a person is a victim of workplace discrimination, he or she has all rights to take the employer to court for this. It is best to consult a qualified lawyer who will be able to advice you as to how to proceed further.

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Being A Victim Of Age Discrimination At Work And What To Do
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