Settlements In Discrimination Suits

Settlements In Discrimination Suits

Settlements in discrimination suits could amount to millions or to just few hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on the extent of damage done as a result of the discrimination. The settlements on discrimination mostly comprise of monetary compensation. This monetary compensation could be in the form of lost wages, expected financial losses due to termination of job, or loss of a promotion.

When the victim of discriminatory act suffers mental agony, he may have the right to emotional damages. But before proceeding for the settlement, one has to prove the extent of emotional damage through examination by a medical expert and witnesses. The quantity of emotional damage is assessed by the judge after hearing from the witnesses and testimony presented by the medical expert.

When the employer discriminates an employee in the workplace deliberately, he is subjected to charges against disciplinary damages. The aim of disciplinary damage is to reprimand the defendant for his or her unfair act. The amount of disciplinary damages is also decided entirely by the judge.

When a discrimination lawsuit is submitted by an applicant, he is also liable to get back his expenses spent towards attorney fees. This comprises of court costs like filing fees, subpoenas and fees for appearance of witnesses.

So, when somebody feels that he or she has been discriminated in the workplace based on race, sex, age, and religion or otherwise, then he has all the right to sue the defaulter against the discrimination. The aim of a discrimination lawsuit is to put things in order. This means that the victim should get back his lost position, and his sentiments should not be harmed anymore.

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Settlements In Discrimination Suits
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