Stereotype Examples  

Stereotypes are generalizations of people groups based on past experiences, which are deep-rooted in the psyche of the people. There are examples of racial stereotypes.

For instance, The Asians are stereotyped to be good at mathematics; the blacks are stereotyped to be good at athletics and dancing. These can be regarded as positive stereotypes. Other stereotype like "All Muslims are terrorists" is a negative stereotype.There are examples of gender stereotypes too, often perpetuated by the media. Many films, advertisements and television programs show men engaged in physically demanding pursuits such as sport, rock-climbing, and beach surfing or canoeing. They also show young boys playing with action toys such as trucks, robots and super-hero figures. This depiction of men strongly suggests that they are strong, adventurous and active paving way for them to be stereotyped in that manner. On the other hand, the same media shows young girls putting on make-up, brushing their hair and generally worrying about their overall appearance. Some other advertisements show mothers serving meals to their families. The depiction of women in such roles suggests that they are good at performing household chores and taking care of their appearances and they are eventually stereotyped by these traits. Examples of gender stereotypes are ‘Men are masculine”, “Women are good cooks”, “Men are strong, adventurous and brave”, “Women are in charge of the house and Men are in charge of finances” etc.

There are also examples of political stereotypes. These stereotypes have been deep rooted in the mindset of the general public, because of the general interpretation of the policies of a political party. Political stereotypes include “All democrats are liberals”, “All Republicans are racists”, “All Democrats are Stupid”, and All Republicans are against the "working man".

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Stereotype Examples




Stereotype-For-Women      Gender stereotypes are basic generalizations about the traits, differences, and traditional roles of individuals and/or groups. Stereotypes can be deemed positive or negative, but they seldom convey accurate information about others. Many people recognize the negative effects of gender stereotyping; yet continue to make these types of generalizations. More..




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