Car Accident And Pregnancy

Car Accident And Pregnancy

Car accidents during pregnancy are quite risky for both the baby and the mother. Even if you have not suffered any external injuries, you need to rush to the hospital and get a thorough check up done. As a matter of fact, if you have any serious impact on your abdomen during your pregnancy, it is advisable to contact your doctor immediately.

The womb is quite strong to protect your baby and the placenta. But, during sudden impact like jolts or brakes, or due to excessive pressure on the abdomen area, if the placenta separates from the uterus, it can cause serious complications during pregnancy like premature delivery, miscarriage or even hemorrhage.

If you have crossed 20 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is less protected as it occupies the abdominal space due to expansion. Moreover, you may not even know when there is a placental abruption.

A thorough examination would be carried out in the emergency room. An ultrasound scan would be performed to confirm the health of the fetus as well as the placenta. If contractions have developed during the impact or you start bleeding, you would be kept under observation for many hours to ensure that the condition of your fetus is stable and out of danger.

Even if the doctor confirms that all is well with you and the baby, watch out for any subsequent spotting or bleeding in the vagina, abdominal pain or even contractions. If you have sensed your baby movements in the past and you notice a sudden decline in this activity, notify your doctor immediately.

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Car Accident And Pregnancy
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