Elderly Drivers And Bioptic Glasses

Elderly Drivers And Bioptic Glasses

Years pass away, but not the driving habit. Age should not restrict a person so much that he or she feels confined. Bioptic lens is meant to bring some relief to people who are healthy and yet due to visionary problem are not able to take up driving. So by using the option of bioptic glasses if one can obtain driving license, is it not feasible?

It is quite dangerous to drive when the vision is low. Hence, the license problem! Bioptic assists a person with its lens. It is like a small and tiny telescope that is mounted on the glass lens. It enables the user to the see the road signs and other things clearly even from a considerable distance.

Rules and regulations do not permit driving license for a person whose vision is not clear. But with bioptic glasses, states allow people who are up to the standard.

In spite of going in for these glasses, if one is not confident enough to drive, there are driving schools that will help in training the person with a low vision and the techniques involved in it. It would also depend on the locality and the condition of the roads. Now how frequently is this road being used and how familiar it is to the person? These are some valid points that have to be given a careful thought.

One feels their independence is lost because of their inability to drive. Driving is a legal right. So they will do everything possible to retain this right. Bioptic glasses are a boon to such people.

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Elderly Drivers And Bioptic Glasses
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