License Restrictions for Older Drivers

License Restrictions for Older Drivers

For a senior citizen above sixty or seventy the usual sentiment and thoughts are that renewal of license may be a problem. No worries! The driving license and its renewal would be intact as long as one is sure about one’s fitness. It cannot be renewed electronically as a senior citizen’s fitness is under question owing to the age.

Routine tests like vision test and road test are a must. It is a standard procedure followed in all the states for renewal of senior’s license. If it is just the appearance that is misleading them, then no need to worry. By proving one’s fitness one can get the renewal done.

One’s history of driving through the years should give a clean chit. It is up to the licensing authority to allow a senior citizen to retain the license or refuse depending on the fitness and a clean driving history. Suspension or Restriction! They have their own review boards to advice on the standards of license.

At the most, nighttime driving could be restricted or may require some additional attachments of mirror keeping the safety in mind. Owing to the condition of the driver, the authority has the full right to decide on shortening the renewal cycle.

Seniors become a subject of scrutiny at one level. A stronger restriction is called for elderly drivers withholding their licenses as they stand more chances of fatal crashes than others. Most importantly, older individuals are not likely to survive a serious injury comparatively. Frequent testing for renewal of seniors’ license has become mandatory in many of the states.

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License Restrictions for Older Drivers
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