Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

Every year, thousands of people file claims for medical malpractice in the court. If these claims are proved correct, then the claimant can get millions of dollars as compensation. The awards are so huge because the medical malpractice results in serious injuries, sometimes amounting to even death.

It may sound interesting, but it is not that easy to prove medical malpractice which often results due to negligence of the doctor or any other related healthcare provider. The negligence is often not intended and occurs due to certain factors. Failure and errors in diagnosis, insufficient knowledge about a particular medicine, incorrect dosages are some of them. To prove a medical malpractice, one needs solid proof. It sometimes leads to a lot of expenses.

In the previous decades, there has been some shocking news about medical malpractice in the media. Some of the cases received a lot of publicity. For instance, actor Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were administered overdose of blood thinner drug heparin.

Another famous personality John Ritter case also created waves when the real cause of his death was unearthed. At the St. Joseph Medical Center, Ritter's cause of death was listed as heart attack. However, after investigations it was found that his death was due to tearing of the aorta. This case was, however, settled out of court after negotiations with Ritter’s wife.

Comedian and movie actor Dana Carvey famous for his acting performances as Garth had undergone bypass surgery twice after it was realized that his surgeon had by mistake operated the wrong artery. Carvey had sued the surgeon for medical malpractice and received a huge amount as reward. He donated this money to a charity organization.

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Famous Medical Malpractice Cases
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