Slip And Fall Accident Prevention

Slip And Fall Accident Prevention

A slip and fall accident does not announce itself. We do different kind of acts every day. We play, dance, run, jump, climb and all such acts have some amount of risk of slip or fall. But does that mean, we should stop doing all these things? No, we it does not. Therefore, a person should take preventive measures to ensure that a slip and fall accident does not occur.

A slip normally occurs when the amount of friction between the footwear and the surface is less. Falls occur when there is an imbalance. Falls might happen from an elevated height or on a flat surface. While both falls and slips can cause serious injuries, falls are more dangerous because they can result in even death.

Slip and fall form an integral part of any accident that can happen anytime. Although it cannot be stopped, it can always be avoided by taking care of our surroundings and workplaces. There are certain things which can result in slip and fall accidents, and we must try to eliminate them at the first place.

Keeping the area clean and away from all kinds of dirt will avoid slips. While instructing the housekeeping staff about the proper way of cleaning is mandatory, it is also important to clean your workplace yourself.

Avoid placing floor tiles that are too slippery. Such floor tiles provide less friction leading to a person to slip quite often. It is always advisable to put doormats at the entrance of the house, especially during rainy or wet weather. The mat is kept so that people entering the house can wipe their shoes to avoid falling or slipping. Warning sign boards at places where there is a risk of falling or slipping help to warn the person in advance. While walking on an uneven surface, it is better to be careful. One must not be inattentive while climbing down stairs or any elevation. Do not walk while talking on the mobile or while writing something.

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Slip And Fall Accident Prevention
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