Emergency care for seniors staying at home

Emergency care for seniors staying at home         It is a worrisome situation when seniors decide to stay all by themselves in their houses. What of they have a stroke or need emergency medical service?

         What if they cannot reach the phone to dial 911? And there are many like what if questions to be answered. This kind of insecurity is perhaps the biggest reason for people to be pushed to stay in old age home where they are taken care of completely.

         There are some monitoring devices which can give seniors and the elder some peace of mind and a sense of security. These monitoring devices are a two way system and are installed using the existing telephone line. The senior person is given a pendant with a button to wear. In case they have a slip or fall on the stair or are having a stroke, they can press this button which will in turn activate a response team at the call center. They will take immediate action and make sure that the person has been medically attended to.

         This two way emergency care device can be worn on the neck or the wrist. This pendant is made of waterproof material and would work promptly in case of any such event. Most people who are old have a stroke in their sleep and the pain so paralyzing that they cannot even reach the phone instrument. The medical emergency button should be worn by all old people because they can have access to medical services and ambulance right on the body.