Benefits of Exercise At Old Age

Benefits of Exercise At Old Age           There are several benefits of exercise at old age and older people can benefit more from exercise. People in the age group of 50 years and above can indulge in moderate levels of exercise that in turn helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and also keeps other diseases like diabetes at bay. 


          Men and women can reap benefits from exercising. For men beyond 50 years of age moderate exercise can help them to keep away cardiovascular diseases under control for 3 years and also increases their life expectancy automatically. For women also it helps to keep heart diseases risks low through moderate to high level exercising.


          Exercise creates physical activity in the form of regime in people and also helps to regulate the functioning of the different parts of the body. Exercise also helps to build a healthy thought process and when a person is physically fit they are found to have a positive outlook towards life. The senior age group needed much of these and it shows that positive outlook helps them to live their life better. Most seniors complain of sleeplessness and fatigue and exercise easily helps them to combat such symptoms of old age.


          Most seniors come under the impression that retirement is meant to take holidays and relax. However, after a few days reality catches up and in fact having nothing to do makes them feel depressed and lead to several other problems. People approaching their sixties have to start preparing for old age much before they get there. Also, by starting an exercise regime early in life they delay the aging process.