Reduce Wrinkles Of 40 Year Old Man

Reduce Wrinkles Of 40 Year Old Man       Wrinkles on the face is the most frequent and common problem faced by men in their middle age. In comparison to a woman of similar age, the risk of acquiring wrinkles seems to be high in a 40-year old man.

      This is mainly because men are predisposed to several risks that augment the formation of wrinkles. Some of these risks include ageing, smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight, drugs, alcoholism, occupational stress and lifestyle problems. Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol contain various harmful chemicals that can result in different health complications appearing all over the body including the face. Several health complications develop because of ageing. Most of these factors have their impact on the face. Apart from these, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness as the person grows in age. This can also cause formation of wrinkles on the skin. Another factor that accelerates formation of wrinkles in a 40-year-old man is lack of adequate moisturizing on the facial skin.

       There are certain easy ways to reduce the risk of acquiring wrinkles in men.

Quit Smoking
      This is the most fundamental and essential tip. Smoking can only cause harm to the body including the skin. Excessive consumption of tobacco causes a reduction in the moisture level of the skin, thereby resulting in loss of elasticity.

Avoid direct Sunlight
      Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can have a significant effect on the skin. Apart from this, direct sunlight has a maximum concentration of ultraviolet rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the skin, causing health complications such as skin burns and skin cancer. Hence, one should always try to avoid any such exposure. It is important to apply a sunscreen lotion while entering into direct sunlight.

Drink Water:

       It is important to consume plenty of water and other fluids in order to retain the lost moisture levels in the skin. Taking bath twice a day and drinking good amount of water can effectively reduce the risk of developing wrinkles on the skin.

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Reduce Wrinkles Of 40 Year Old Man