Burial Benefits For Military Veterans  

The Department of Veteran Affairs usually looks into burials and other related services for military veterans. There is a separate veterans' cemetery and in order to be cremated or buried in it, there are specific arrangements that have to be made.More...

Cheap Burial Life Insurance Comparison

Cheap Burial Life Insurance Comparison

Burial life insurance as contradictory as it sounds has become an absolute necessity in this day and age because of the soaring costs for a burial ceremony. Right from paying for your own casket and being laid down in the ground, everything costs heck of a lot of money. Also, after you die, you leave behind huge expenses for your family to cover while they are grieving your loss. This is definitely not fair to them.More...


How To Avoid Wrongful Burial ?

How To Avoid Wrongful Burial

Everyone who is planning the course of actions after their death wants everything to go right because they are not going to oversee the things and deeds to make sure that they are done in the way they wanted it to be. That is unfortunate thing about funerals because the persons whose wishes they were actually cannot monitor them personally. Most people leave a will behind specifying how they want their funeral to be performed. However, no matter how strong a will they leave, in the end the actions that need to be taken should by a responsible person who will conform to your wishes.More...


Types Of Burial Vaults

Types Of Burial Vaults

Burial vaults are containers inside which the deceased person is buried. It is a reinforcement that people use for their caskets. The casket typically sits inside the vault. The burial vault is mainly used so that it can prevent the casket from wearing out sooner than its time. Also, it prevents the soil over the grave from sinking in, and also prevents the pressure of the earth from harming the casket.More...


History Of Burial At Sea

History Of Burial At Sea           The history of burial at sea is really very old. This practice has been followed for a very long time; in fact, from the time when people starting faring into sea.

When sailors used to go out to sea, it did not make sense to carry a dead body for weeks or months on the boat or ship until they returned to shore. Instead, they used to follow the practice of burial at sea.More...


African American Funeral And Burial Practices

African American Funeral And Burial Practices       There are many different funeral and burial practices in the African American community, and most of these practices have their roots in West Africa and the Caribbean where majority of the ancestors of the African American people came from.

       The African Americans, whose ancestors came from the Caribbean, have very elaborate funeral and burial practices and religion plays an important role in these practices. Usually for these African American funeral and burial practices the entire community is roped in and each individual ends up playing a specific role with clear-cut duties.More...


Navajo Burial And Funeral Rituals

Navajo Burial And Funeral Rituals       Navajo burial and funeral rituals follow a certain procedure because the Navajo believe that when a person dies he makes his way to the underworld. This process of burial and funeral rituals is followed diligently because the Navajo people want to ensure that the dead to do not return to world of the living.

       When a person is about to die and the Navajo people know about it, they immediately remove the person to a separate place until he passes away. During this time only family members and the shaman are allowed close to the person. However, just before the person dies, all but a couple of people leave. The two people who stay back are the closest family members of the person and are those who are most willing to confront the evil spirits. More...





What-Are-Eskimos-Burial-Customs      The Eskimos' burial customs are quite unique and interesting. When a person dies, his body is placed on the ground so that the soul can find its path to the underworld. However, if a person dies due to some disease or illness, the body is dismembered and then the separate parts are thrown in different places. More..




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