Cremation Vs Traditional Burial  

There is a constant debate going on between whether people should opt for cremation or traditional burial. However, each option is a personal choice based primarily on religious beliefs. Cremation vs traditional burial will continue to be a talking point for a long time but you need to understand each before saying one is better than the other.

Cremation Vs Traditional Burial:

For a lot of people just the thought of their body or their loved ones body decomposing slowly in the ground is quite distasteful. They prefer cremation as the body is instantly disposed using flames.

One of the main reasons why people opt for cremation is that it cost hardly anything when compared to a traditional burial where you can shell out a packet for embalming the body and then on the casket.

Usually when a person is cremated, his or her remains are scattered in a place that was special to the person. Sometimes, the ashes of the person are kept in an urn and the urn is then buried in grave or kept in a cemetery vault.

In America although cremation is slowly catching on, it is still not as popular because if there is a traditional burial, family members can still have some form of connection with their deceased relatives by way of a grave. Family members can visit a grave site whenever they want and be close to their loved ones.

In addition, proponents of traditional burial say that by cremating a body, murderers are given a carte blanche as there is no evidence left and a court order cannot get the body exhumed in case of a suspicious death. In addition, cremations are known to produce cancer causing dioxins, trace metals, hydrochloric acid, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide which plays a role in air pollution.

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Cremation Vs Traditional Burial




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