How Is Cremation Accomplished ?

How Is Cremation Accomplished ?

Cremation is becoming a more popular method of burial because it a cheaper option and people are no longer able to afford the burial rates. Right from the cost of the casket and the funeral, everything becomes too expensive for the person to deal with.

Cremation is a much easier process because the person is burnt and the ashes are reduced to sand. So, what exactly happens in the process of cremation is what most people would like to know. After a person is dead, the body is burnt and then the remains are transported to crematorium facilities. Here they are kept in a wooden box and reduced to ashes literally.

In the United States, different states have different regulations about cremating.

Cremation could be done in a stand alone facility like a funeral home or a crematorium. In the US, the law is that all human remains have to be cremated in a combustible container. The cremation process is actually a chemical process that reduces the body into its original form, which is bones and gas. The body of the deceased is sent into an oven or furnace in a separate container with the name tags on it. Due to excessive heat, the body is burnt and only remains are left. The remains are collected and then deposited into a wooden box and this is further reduced to ashes completely.

The entire process of cremation takes up to four hours and sometimes more. In some cultures, like Hinduism, cremation is the only way for them after death.

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How Is Cremation Accomplished