How To Do Cremation  

When a person dies and if the family members opt for cremation, the body of the person is taken to a crematorium to be burned. The ashes, which are known as cremains, are then given to the family members. The ashes, in fact, are dried bone pieces which have been powdered using a device known as cremulator.

But, the question is how to do cremation? If you loved one wanted to be cremated, you have to get in touch with a crematorium in your area. The body of your loved one will not be embalmed as is the procedure in a traditional burial. Instead, the body is taken to a crematorium where it is put into a furnace, which is known as a retort. The retort has the capacity to burn at temperatures of 1600 degree Fahrenheit to 1800 degree Fahrenheit. These high temperatures ensure that the body is completely reduced to ashes.

A retort is not made to burn more than one body at a time and in most countries cremating more than one body is considered to be illegal. The furnace where the body is burned uses natural gas and propane as fuel.

The crematorium then collects the ashes puts them into a container made from metal, plastic or cardboard and hands them over to you. You have the option of purchasing an urn for the cremains. You can bury the cremains in a cemetery, scatter them over your loved one's favorite place or just keep them at home because the cremains are not considered to be a health risk.

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How To Do Cremation




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