What The Bible Says About Cremation ?

What The Bible Says About Cremation ?

Cremation is becoming the funeral of choice for several people in the United States of America. One of the main reasons for that is not religious but practicality and that it costs cheaper. A cremation process costs only one third of what a burial would cost a person. However, some people are skeptical about opting for a cremation because they wonder what the Bible says about it.

The fact is that the Bible does not say anything about the process of cremation and does not have any opinion. It does not say it is right or wrong. However, there is a rare mention of cremation in the Bible here and there. Also, it notates that ancient Jews followed cremation in some parts of Europe. Today, Jews do not cremate their dead and it is against their religion.

Cremation was practiced during the biblical times. However it was not practiced by people who lived in Israel. Also, the interesting fact is that the Bible talks about death, but never talks about what should be done after a person’s death. The Bible does not mention that burial is the only way a person’s body should be disposed off. For example, in some other cultures like Hinduism their holy books, like the Bhagavad Gita, say that cremation is the only way to dispose a body in death so that the body unites with the five elements of nature, whereas, the Bible does not have any such demarcated terms for funeral rights. So, the bottom line is that the bible does not have a say.

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What The Bible Says About Cremation