Why Choose Cremation ?  

As a Christian most people think that burial is the only option that they have. However have you ever questioned yourself why not cremation and if not for religious reasons then for practical purposes. There are several reasons why a human being should start giving cremation a thought. In fact, except for Islam which clearly prohibits cremation, Christianity does not dictate any such terms to its believers.More...

Cremation Vs Traditional Burial

Cremation Vs Traditional Burial

  There is a constant debate going on between whether people should opt for cremation or traditional burial. However, each option is a personal choice based primarily on religious beliefs.

Cremation vs traditional burial will continue to be a talking point for a long time but you need to understand each before saying one is better than the other.More...


How Is Cremation Accomplished ?

How Is Cremation Accomplished

Cremation is becoming a more popular method of burial because it a cheaper option and people are no longer able to afford the burial rates. Right from the cost of the casket and the funeral, everything becomes too expensive for the person to deal with.More...


Cremation In Christianity

Cremation In Christianity

Cremation is being chosen by many people today because it is a much cheaper option than burial. Several Christians have a concern that what is cremation according to Christianity. Also, one wants to make sure that cremation is mentioned in the burial and is a religious process for them.More...


What The Bible Says About Cremation ?

What The Bible Says About Cremation

Cremation is becoming the funeral of choice for several people in the United States of America. One of the main reasons for that is not religious but practicality and that it costs cheaper. A cremation process costs only one third of what a burial would cost a person. However, some people are skeptical about opting for a cremation because they wonder what the Bible says about it.More...


How Much Does Cremation Cost ?

How Much Does Cremation Cost

Cremation is perhaps the cheapest available option today than compared to burial. A burial has become as elaborate affair as a wedding or any other important occasion. There is no doubt that even funeral is an important occasion but everything that goes into the funeral is too expensive for a normal person to afford these days.More...





Origin-Of-Cremation      Cremation is the process of burning the bodies instead of burying them in a coffin or casket. Cremation is a process that reduces the body into bones and ashes, or to its most basic chemical form. For cremating a body, very high temperatures of heat and vaporization are passed through the crematorium which is an oven or a furnace. More..





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