Death Of Bobby Kent

Death Of Bobby Kent

The death of Bobby Kent on July 15, 1993 in South Florida made headline news in the United States. Bobby Kent was an American high school student who was murdered by seven other teenagers. One of the accused was his best friend, Marty Puccio.

According to the prosecutor, Kent and Puccio were friends since third grade and lived close to one another. However, Kent used to bully Puccio and this led to him having antagonistic feelings towards Kent.

A few weeks before he was murdered, Kent was dating a girl named Alice Slay, who was best friends with Lisa Connelly, Puccio's girlfriend. However, Slay broke up with Kent and moved in with her parents after Kent apparently made her watch pornography while having extremely rough sex with her.

Kent was not happy with Slay dumping him and threatened to kill her. This made Slay return to Bobby Kent she hatched a plan to kill him with her friend Lisa Connelly. Slay had her mother's gun and she planned to have sex with Kent while her friend Connelly was suppose to sneak up on them and shoot Kent. However, last moment Slay changed her mind.

The next day, July 15, 1993, more friends were involved in the conspiracy to murder Bobby Kent. The plan was again for Slay to seduce Bobby Kent and then another teenager, Heather Swallows, would be sent to distract him and give the signal to rest of the group.

Once the group got the signal from Heather Swallows, Bobby Kent was stabbed by a teenager named Donny Semenec and was joined by others. When Kent screamed to his friend Puccio for help, he responded by cutting Kent's throats and hitting his head.

The death of Bobby Kent shocked the nation because many of teenagers involved in the murder did not know Kent but were willing participants. Ultimately all the teenagers involved in the death of Bobby Kent were found guilty and sentenced.

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Death Of Bobby Kent