What Happens To The Body After Death ?

What Happens To The Body After Death ?

Death is a very scary thing for most of us and also it is very intriguing. Everyone wonders at some point or the other that what happens to them after they die. There are spiritual concerns and also some wonder if there is something called as an afterlife. So what exactly is death? According to medical terms, death is a process and not an event, and a person starts dying much before then they actually die.

There are hundreds of parts in the human body and each one dies at its own pace. However, the imminent truth is all parts of the human body are dying as a person ages. The cells of the human body start dying first and then everything else that the cells control start dying.

So what exactly happens when the heart stops or a human being dies? One of the first chemical reactions is that the temperature within the body begins dropping rapidly. Then the body’s fluids like urine start coming out. These are some of the major chemical changes that the body goes through. However, if the body is not disposed off immediately after 48 hours or a couple of days the body’s temperature starts increasing again because of the bacterial activity. That is when the body starts decomposing. This does not mean that the person is coming back to life. However, the rate of losing and gaining temperature changes form person to person. Physically all body parts decompose but from the spiritual part nobody knows what exactly a person experiences in the last moments of death.

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What Happens To The Body After Death