What Is The Embalming Process ?

What Is The Embalming Process ?

The embalming process is a procedure followed for a dead body so that it can be preserved. The human body starts decomposing soon after 36 hours because the body will soon lose its heat and bacteria will start forming. Once the bacteria start forming, the body will heat up again and slowly the bad smell starts coming. In order to prevent the bacteria from disintegrating the body, people follow procedures like embalming.

In the United States, embalming is mainly done in funeral homes. Several times the funeral is not held soon after a person dies and it may take place after a week or so. However, the body needs to be preserved until then without smelling and that is why embalming is done. It is a process that is done by a professional who uses the embalming machine. Chemicals are inserted into the arteries of the body so that the body is preserved from every part.

The body’s fluids are first pumped out, and for this tubes are inserted. Then about 8 to 10 liters of embalming liquid is pumped in through the arteries. Incisions are made on the body to reach the carotid artery and then after the embalming is complete the incision is closed. The body of the person is clothed again and also the embalmer would add finishing touches to the face and apply make up if necessary. It is a process usually undertaken to prepare the body for a funeral. The skin could look very pale after the embalming procedure and that is why sometimes they use makeup.

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What Is The Embalming Process