Funeral Planning For Dysfunctional Family

Funeral Planning For Dysfunctional Family

When it comes to a dysfunctional family, planning a funeral for a loved one can be a real pain. Each member of the family will want the person buried or cremated that way he wants to and this could lead to a lot of unpleasantness at a time when your are emotionally stressed out.

Funeral planning for dysfunctional family can also be a boon because the sad incident can bring family members together to mourn for a common loss. When arranging a funeral for a dysfunctional family, it would be best to opt for a funeral home that will be able to carry out the wishes of your loved one rather than those of the family members.

There are many steps in funeral planning for a dysfunctional family but the first step is informing all the important people of the sad event. In addition, you can use close friends to help oversee the funeral arrangements so that family members do not end up fighting with each other.

The funeral home will have to be contacted and informed about the person's last wishes on the funeral arrangements. In addition, if the person has died in a hospital, you can get the funeral home to collect the body directly from the hospital or else from your home. Take time out to select the appropriate casket, music, and the clothes for the deceased person to wear.

Speak to the florist and ask the shop to deliver the flowers directly to the funeral home. In addition, you will have select the pallbearers, select the person to read the eulogy and figure out how big the funeral will be. You will also have to select the minister or the clergy besides speakers for the funeral service.

Remember, funeral planning for a dysfunctional family is never easy and you will need to have tons of patience while dealing with your grief.

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Funeral Planning For Dysfunctional Family