Funeral Resolutions

Funeral Resolutions

Funeral resolutions are becoming very common but a person needs to know what exactly a funeral resolution is and why it is written in order to write a good one. A lot of people get confused between a funeral resolution and a eulogy.

A eulogy is something you write to celebrate the life of the person who died but a funeral resolution is something that is official and will be stored in the documents of the church in a certain format. If you have never written a funeral resolution, then it is best to take the advice of someone who has written one before. A funeral resolution is also read at a funeral. So it is going to need a title and an introduction as well.

The heading of the funeral resolution will be at the top and at the center of the page. The name of the person for whom the resolution is dedicated to and the name of the person who is dedicating it will appear on the paper. Also, if the person who has passed away had any favorite poem or verse it could be included in it and also you can reflect upon it.

Here are some of the sample introductions you could use.

God, in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to move from out midst our beloved Name of Deceased by means of death on Date of Death.

We come together to pay our respects to the memory of one whose life was full of love and now is ended when Name of Deceased was called to join God in heaven.

It pleases Almighty God to take our beloved Name of Deceased to His reward.

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Funeral Resolutions