Funeral Thank You Verses

Funeral Thank You Verses

Funerals can be extremely draining emotionally, mentally and physically. It is always a moment of extreme sadness because you will have to continue living while your loved one has pass away and will no longer be there by your side.

After a funeral, it is considered normal etiquette to send thank you cards to all the people who helped you with the organization of the funeral, sent flowers or offered you support. Although you might not be in a position to write funeral thank you cards, you will have to force yourself.

Writing funeral thank you verses can be very difficult. You will find yourself breaking into tears as you sit to write them. However, you will have to delve deep inside to come up with appropriate words to show your gratitude to all the people who were there when you needed support.

Funeral thank you verses can end up being like a balm. The verses might end up helping you cope with your loss as usually you will end up sharing fond memories of the person who has passed away. Instead of remembering the death, funeral thank you verses help you to remember the good times spent with the person.

Some sample funeral thank you verses are listed below. You can change the wordings to suit your writing requirements.

  • We deeply appreciate you kindness and sympathy in our time of great sorrow
  • Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts
  • Love all the people who are dear to you. Do not wait for tomorrow as tomorrow may not be there
  • Thank you sincerely for sharing our sorrow. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated and will always be remembered

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Funeral Thank You Verses