How To Plan Funeral Service

How To Plan Funeral Service

Planning a funeral service is never easy. You might be given the task of planning a funeral service but do you know how to plan one? In order to know how to plan a funeral service, you first have to take into consideration the wishes of the death person and those of his relatives. It is only after this that you can proceed further.

When you are given charge to plan a funeral service, make sure you meet with the relatives of the deceased to find out what is it that they have in mind. This is also the correct time to find out whether the deceased left any instructions on how he wanted his funeral to be conducted. Make sure you spend time finding out the family's budget and the type of funeral they want -- religious or non-religious burial, or cremation.

If the family wants a religious funeral, find out their religion or denomination and consult their religious leader. Or else you can consult a funeral home. This will help you out with the details of finding a location for the burial, sorting out legal issues like obtaining a death certificate, selecting a casket for the burial, or container incase of a cremation. You will also have select the appropriate music and get in touch with florist for the flowers.

A funeral service is usually held in a church. However, now the tendency is to have the funeral service either at the funeral home or the graveside. This is more to save costs than anything else. So, choose your location based on the wishes of the family and the deceased.

Then you have to select a person to conduct the funeral service. This person can be a friend, religious leader or officiator from the funeral home. This is also the time to select the pallbearers, who could be close friends and relatives of the deceased.

In a funeral, one person is given the task of giving the eulogy. This person is invariably a close friend, family member or a religious leader. Make sure you contact the person early to give him or her enough time to prepare the eulogy for the funeral service.

Draft an obituary and place it in the local newspaper so that all those who were not intimated know the date, time and place of the funeral. Get the funeral home to hand out printed programs of the service so that the people attending know what is going to happen when. Make sure you also get the funeral home to place a guest book so that mourners coming for the service can write their condolences. This book is invariably handed over to the family after the funeral service.

As a coordinator of the funeral service, you will have to juggle all these tasks simultaneously and that is why you should know how to plan a funeral service.

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How To Plan Funeral Service