What To Say At A Funeral ?

What To Say At A Funeral ?

A funeral is a very sad occasion where family people are grieving about the loss of their dear one. So what you speak at a funeral service matters a lot as it has to be sensible and also respect the sentiments of everyone else that are present in the service that day. Of course, at every funeral service people do expect the family members to say something about their own family member who died. However, at a time when you are grieving, you may feel a severe loss of words and also feel that you will never overcome the grief.

No matter what you say or do is not going to be enough. But as a society, we do follow some rituals and we still have to muster up the courage and speak to others who are going through the same grief of loss.

So what you say at a funeral service has to be carefully planned. It is better if someone else writes the basic format and gives it to you and then you can add some words that are specific to the person before you read it out. Also, practice what you are going to say and ask the opinion of a couple of people you trust before you get on to the stage. Keep whatever you have to say short and simple. If you were asked to do a eulogy, then accept it but also prepare for it in the most diligent manner. It is okay to have a bit of humor but it should be relevant to the subject. If the person you knew was very happy and a jovial person, then quoting what they said in your speech adds more value to it.

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What To Say At A Funeral