Ways To Move Through The 7 Stages Of Grief  

         When you lose a loved one, it is normal to go through a grieving process. Experiencing grief over the death of a special person or family member is normal. Although the grieving process is not considered a medical complication, there are many people who go through different stages of grieving experiencing grief in different volumes. More...


How Is Cremation Accomplished ?

How Is Cremation Accomplished

Cremation is becoming a more popular method of burial because it a cheaper option and people are no longer able to afford the burial rates. Right from the cost of the casket and the funeral, everything becomes too expensive for the person to deal with.

Cremation is a much easier process because the person is burnt and the ashes are reduced to sand. So, what exactly happens in the process of cremation is what most people would like to know. After a person is dead, the body is burnt and then the remains are transported to crematorium facilities. Here they are kept in a wooden box and reduced to ashes literally. More...


Signs Of Approaching Death

Signs Of Approaching Death

Death is a strange thing and nobody exactly knows when their last minute or breath is going to be. There are just second of difference between being alive and being dead. However there are some strong indicators of telling if a person is going to die by looking at the signs. If the person has already been ailing, then these signs become visible at the time of death. If a person has been on the bed for too long, then as the family members you all would be in turmoil and caught up with emotions.More...


Poems To Say At A Funeral

Poems To Say At A Funeral

A poem at a funeral reminds people of several things and one of them is that the person who just died is still very special for all those around him. A poem should be as special as the person himself and that is why funeral poems come across as extremely sentimental. When you are selecting the poems to recite at a funeral, keep in mind the person who died and also his or her likes and dislikes. The poem should be about them rather than death or being philosophical. The poem could also carry a meaning that expresses how special the person was for you.More...


How To Avoid Wrongful Burial ?

How To Avoid Wrongful Burial

Everyone who is planning the course of actions after their death wants everything to go right because they are not going to oversee the things and deeds to make sure that they are done in the way they wanted it to be. That is unfortunate thing about funerals because the persons whose wishes they were actually cannot monitor them personally. Most people leave a will behind specifying how they want their funeral to be performed. However, no matter how strong a will they leave, in the end the actions that need to be taken should by a responsible person who will conform to your wishes.More...


What Is The Life Expectancy For Alzheimer Patient ?

What Is The Life Expectancy For Alzheimer Patient

The average life expectancy given for a person with Alzheimer is about 4 to 5 years. Alzheimer is a degenerative disease. It causes memory loss and dementia in the person eventually. There is no medication available for Alzheimer and the usual symptoms start with memory loss.

However, a person can make some improvements to their lifestyle by trying to be more mentally active and keeping the mind active. One can do that by playing brain teasing games and so on. There are several mental exercises suggested for people with Alzheimer’s. The degeneration caused by Alzheimer’s starts much early in age than the disease gets diagnosed. More...


What Is The Embalming Process ?

What Is The Embalming Process

The embalming process is a procedure followed for a dead body so that it can be preserved. The human body starts decomposing soon after 36 hours because the body will soon lose its heat and bacteria will start forming. Once the bacteria start forming, the body will heat up again and slowly the bad smell starts coming. In order to prevent the bacteria from disintegrating the body, people follow procedures like embalming.More...


How To Find Custom Made Cremation Urns ?

How To Find Custom Made Cremation Urns

Urns come in all sizes and shapes. Some are round, some are cylindrical and while others are in the shape of a cube. The most common type of urn that is sold for cremation is usually cuboids and it is extremely functional.

Also, it is common to use urns for cremating a pet like a dog or cat. The ancient Egyptians always cremated the cats or their pets and they had a high regard for the cats. More...


Physical Stages Of Dying

Physical Stages Of Dying

When a person is dying, his physical, mental and sensory functions start shutting down one by one. Sometimes the shutting down process can happen in few months or in few minutes. There are physical stages of dying and these can be ascertained when the person is dying slowly due to an illness or old age. More...





Example-Of-Funeral-Resolution      A funeral resolution is nothing more than a eulogy, which is read at a funeral. For most people they rather be in the coffin than give a funeral resolution! At least that is what a research has shown. Writing a funeral resolution can be one of the most difficult things because you do not want to embarrass yourself or the people attending the funeral service. More..




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