Alcoholism Life Expectancy  

Alcoholism is a disorder in people who are compelled to drink everyday and also alcoholics always drink too much than their body can take. Unless they are in an intoxicated state, they cannot sleep and function. Also, alcoholics consume alcohol at any time of the day.

Alcoholics drink everything, from beer, wine to any other form of liquor. A person is called alcoholic when they cannot control the amount of intake of alcohol. Also, when they do not drink, they experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea, sweating, and also anxiety. As soon as they start having alcohol, most of these symptoms are eased. Many people, who are alcoholics, believe that in order to stop having alcohol, it is just a matter of will and they can stop it any time they want to. However, this is not true and most of them need assistance or help from a qualified professional to stop drinking.

A person who has been an alcoholic for a long period of time causes immense damage to their liver. Alcoholism does a lot of damage to the body like damage to the liver, brain cells, and also affects the central nervous system over a period of time. Moderate drinking of alcohol everyday can affect the cognitive skills and also can impede with the oxygen supply to the brain. Some of the complications that alcohol can lead to are liver enlargement and once this happens the life expectancy falls down tremendously and rapidly. A person who has been a diagnosed with a severe live problem can die within a year. Also, they become extremely prone to heart attacks. However, it is not a disease where death can be predicted but it is a condition that can cause death at any time to the person.

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Alcoholism Life Expectancy




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