Life Expectancy Secondary Bone Cancer  

Secondary bone cancer refers to cancer that actually originates in some other part of the body but finds it way to the bones. When a cancerous tumor develops in some organ, the cancerous cells break away from this organ and make their way to the bone leading to the development of secondary bone cancer.

It has been seen that secondary bone cancer usually develops in people who have cancer of the lung, breast, thyroid and kidney. When it comes to comes to treating secondary bone cancer, the treatment protocol depends on the primary cancer (that is where the cancer actually began before spreading to the bone) and the extent of the spread. In addition, the oncologist has to take into account the patient's general health and how strong he or she is to withstand the treatment. Life expectancy of secondary bone cancer depends on all these factors and therefore, it becomes very difficult to predict it.

It goes without saying that a physically stronger patient will have an extended life expectancy compared to physically weaker patient. In addition, in order to predict life expectancy, one also has to take into account the patient's age, location of the secondary bone cancer, the grade and stage of the cancer, and to what degree the lymphatic system and blood vessels have been invaded by the cancer.

While some patients can have just a few weeks to live, there are others who would have few months. Therefore, life expectancy of secondary bone cancer varies from one person to another. However, it must be added that in most cases the secondary bone cancer is discovered in stage 4 and this means that life expectancy of the patients is greatly reduced, invariably to just few weeks.

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Life Expectancy Secondary Bone Cancer




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