Mortality Rate After Heart Attack  

A heart attack is also known as the myocardial infarction. It changes the life of a person who had it for the first time. It also increases the chances of a second attack for the survivor. A person, who has had a heart attack, has to make drastic changes to their lifestyle immediately. They have to quit all bad habits like smoking and alcohol drinking, and also have to take up a lifestyle of healthy diet and exercise.

Their main health aim should be to reduce the cholesterol through their food and also make sure the body works out and keeps the heart rate at healthy levels. When a heart attack occurs, it does damage the heart to a great extent.

The mortality rate after a heart attack is pretty high in the United States. A person who has survived a heart attack once always dies of heart attack only and no other reason. A person who has had an attack twice has lesser chances of survival at the third one. There have been very few people who have survived three attacks and most often the third attack does take the life of the person.

When a heart attack takes place, a portion of the heart muscle is destroyed. Unlike the liver, the heart does not have the ability to build itself back, and once it has been damaged, the damage is forever. A damaged heart never functions properly. However, doctors do perform some surgeries as a constructive measure for the heart but that rarely helps people.

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Mortality Rate After Heart Attack




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