How To Faux Paint Urns ?

How To Faux Paint Urns ?

Faux paint is a process of replicating a painting to some other medium. It is a type of replicating the original work. Faux painting is also used to repair the originals to resemble closest to its original form. Faux painting urns can be easy if you already know how to paint and if you are good at it. Many urns are made out of stones, so you need to be very careful as to how you do it.

If there are any holes on the urn, then first you will need to fill them out before starting to paint. For this, you could use plaster of Paris and then keep a spatula ready. Take small amounts of plaster of Paris then spread it over the hole until it is completely blocked. Then take a wet cloth and wipe away the excess neatly. Make sure that there is plaster of Paris only in the holes that needed to be filled.

If you have a figure in mind to paint, then first mark it on the urn. You can use tape for the marking and later it can be removed. First paint the bigger masses and then finally take out the tape from your design and then fill in the other colors. The choice of colors and the type of paint can be of your choice. You can also use roller sponges and thick paint brushes for painting.

Urns come in different shapes and sizes and while painting an urn it is always better to go from the top first and then reach the bottom.

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How To Faux Paint Urns