How To Be A Great Grandfather ?

How To Be A Great Grandfather ?

Everyone can become a grandfather, but very few men get the privilege of becoming a great grandfather. Having grandchildren is common, but in today's world where families no longer stay together, being a fantastic grandfather can make a big difference in your grandchild's life.

So, here are some tips on how to be a great grandfather:

Do not unnecessarily interfere with the way the parents are bringing up the child. Meting out free advice will undermine your position. You can make suggestions, but do not pressurize the parents into following them.

Do not encroach into the space of the new parents. Allow them to play with their child. Maintain your distance in the initial stages and let the parents get used to handing the baby and doing things for it. However, when you really want to spend some time with your grandchild, then offer some services such as changing the diapers, taking the baby for a walk or babysitting while the parents have a relaxing night out.

Never criticize the in-laws. It is your responsibility to maintain the peace in your home, and do not make any issue on any outsider’s comments. This will only bring negativity into the family. 

Try to be a friend to your grandchildren. Allow them to share everything with you, even those mischievous activities which they are afraid of telling their parents. Show them new paths and develop some creativity in them through painting, singing, dancing or pottery. The children must have someone to turn to other than their parents, and you should endeavor to be that person. If you are not staying with them, be in regular contact using various modes of communication.

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How To Be A Great Grandfather