How To Be A Great Grandmother ?

How To Be A Great Grandmother ?

Being a grandmother is easy, but being a great grandmother can be a difficult task. It takes some work and patience to become one of the world's best grandmothers. Being a grandmother means loving and protecting the grandchild unconditionally and not expecting anything in return. While we all love our grandkids, unconditional love is difficult. And, if you can love your grandkids unconditionally, you can become a great grandmother.

Here are some tips that will teach you how to be a great grandmother:

If you have slightly older grandchildren, who are Internet savvy, and you do not live with them, then communication and keeping in touch is one key to being a great grandmother. The grandchildren should be able to get in touch with you any time and at any place to speak to you about any and everything under the sky. Instead of using the telephone, use the Internet. There are numerous social networking sites that you can your grandkids can join to keep in touch regularly. You can also use the sites to share photographs and cute messages with each other.

If you live in the same town, then invite your grandkids over for the day. Bake their favorite cake or cookies. In fact, you can ask them to help you bake, but be prepared to clean up the mess later on! Kids love to do activities like these and will truly cherish the time they spend with you.

Be a friend to your grandkids. They should have another adult to turn to besides their parents. Encourage your grandkids to speak to you about anything. Do not reprimand them. Just be patient and lend them your ears. Sometimes just letting your grandkids rave and rant is more than enough for them. They know that you will not judge them, and you should keep it that way.

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How To Be A Great Grandmother