What To Do When Grandparents Undermine Safety ?

What To Do When Grandparents Undermine Safety ?

Every parent dreams of giving their child best. To ensure this, they leave no stone unturned, and they work day and night in order to provide for their kids. In addition, parents lay down rules and expect children to follow them. Most of these rules are for the child's own benefit and safety.

And, many time parents look upon grandparents to lend a helping hand with the kids. This can turn out to be a positive or negative experience. Some grandparents are very careful about safety aspects but still manage to spoil the kids, while other grandparents end up undermining safety. So, what should you do when grandparents undermine safety?

Safety of a child is not just about physical safety. It is also about mental and emotional safety. Usually grandparents have a habit of overindulging and turn a blind eye to many tricks and stunts that kids perform. This is because they feel that kids should free and allowed to enjoy themselves. However, many of these tricks and stunts can end up being hazardous or dangerous. So, speak to your parents at an opportune time and discuss the ground rules with them. Ask them not to overindulge or tolerate indiscipline from the kids.

Also, set the rules with your kids and tell them that they cannot go beyond a certain limit. If they do, the grandparents should inform the parents and appropriate punishment should be meted out to the kid.

In addition, when leaving your kids at their grandparents, make sure that the house is child-proof. This means that safety locks should be installed, medications and household cleaning chemicals should be put away safely out of kids' reach, and the kids should not be allowed to play with dangerous objects like knives or garden tools. Make sure the grandparents understand this and follow these rules diligently.

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What To Do When Grandparents Undermine Safety