How To Deal When Grandkids Move Away ?

How To Deal When Grandkids Move Away ?

Today, more and more families are moving away from their home towns in search of better opportunities. This means that on most occasions grandkids and grandparents get separated. For a grandparent, this can be devastating. However, there are steps you can take as a grandparent to deal with the situation.

Here are some steps that will teach you how to deal when grandkids move away:

Control your emotions. If you scream and yell, you are not going to achieve anything. Instead learn to enjoy the few remaining days that you have with your grandkids. Also, by shouting and screaming, or crying, you are going to make the kids feel bad and miserable.

Set a date or occasion to visit the grandchildren. Get the required travel information from travel agencies. After making complete enquiries, inform your grandchildren about your intention to visit. Make sure that you plan your trip after consulting the parents as it should be convenient for everyone. Planning will keep you busy and happy as you will soon be seeing your grandkids.

A very creative idea is to prepare a photo album in which only photos of yours and grandchildren should be put. This should be done before the kids move so that you can capture majority of the moments spent together. It will make a great keepsake for you and you can always look at the album when you are feeling down and missing your grandkids.

Give them surprise by planning something special for the grandkids just before their departure. It can be a camping, a picnic or even a whole day excursion. This will allow you to build memories of having spent some of the happiest moments of your life with your grandkids. And, this occasion would be the right time to give them a farewell gift -- a gift that they can remember you with.

Remember, the parting will also be difficult for the kids. So, try not to show your emotions as the kids will also end up feeling bad.

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How To Deal When Grandkids Move Away