Poems For Funerals Grandmas

Poems For Funerals Grandmas

A grandmother is a dear person and to lose her is an unfortunate thing. Grandchildren are often overcome with grief when they come to know about their grandmother’s death. They become very attached to their grandma especially because she plays such an important role in taking care of them. Coming to terms with a grandma's demise can be a difficult situation for a child.

When it comes to funeral and memorial services, all the family members are expected to speak and share their views about the person in a few words. If you, as a grandchild, are going to be doing this for the first time, then you need to say something meaningful and make sure you do it right. There would be several things that you liked about your grandmother and though it is not possible to say everything, you can say a few words about things that meant the most to you.

You can just prepare a small funeral poem which would show your appreciation, love and thankfulness for your grandmother. Here is a sample of a poem that you can copy or write on the same lines for your grandmother’s funeral service. 

I miss you so much Grandma
I often think of you
The bond that we shared
Special and true

You were so kind and gentle
You always believed in me
Your faith in me unending
Like a Grandma can be

I only have memories now
Of years spent together
And they must sustain me
And fill my heart forever.

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Poems For Funerals Grandmas