Who Is More Important Your Own Child Or Grandchild

Who Is More Important Your Own Child Or Grandchild ?

Asking a grandparent who is more important -- their grand child or own child -- is something that is equivalent to asking what is more important -- your head or your legs. A grandparent would not be one if they do not have grandchildren and they will never get there if they do not have children. So, both are equally important to them.

Some people have a wrong notion that grandparents love grandchildren more than their own children. Well, this is not true because they were parents before and they would have loved their children as much as their grandchildren. The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent involves the parent too. And, grandchildren and children hold special but different places in a grandparents' heart.

Once a person becomes old, he or she tends to become more patient and see things differently. They are much more tolerant towards children and can actually sit and talk to them with patience. While their own children were growing up, they could not do this because they were busy running their own lives along with their children’s. Now they have the time to relax and unwind with their grandchildren. Their responsibilities of bringing up children are over as they can take care of themselves and now they want to enjoy their grandchildren.

Grandparents try to be soft with grandchildren and especially when they see their own children being harsh. However, they also tend to forget how harsh they were while bringing up their own children. We all do it and most of us will end up repeating the same behavior of our parents when we are grandparents.

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Who Is More Important Your Own Child Or Grandchild