Secondary Medical Insurance Plans

Secondary Medical Insurance Plans       Most people have medical insurance from more than one plan and this is why insurance companies do not want the insured people to profit from their health insurance. When we say more than one plan it can be that two employed spouses are covered by group health insurance plans. Therefore, to avoid double recovery, almost all health insurance plans have provisions to figure out how primary and secondary coverage should be done.

      Most primary coverage is usually given by a plan of which a person is a member of or the plan under which a person has been the member of for the longest period of time. When it comes to spouses who are covered by their respective employers, primary coverage is given under the plan provided by the employer of each spouse. Secondary medical insurance plans offer coverage to a person as a dependent under someone else’s insurance plan. Secondary medical insurance plans pay for medical expenses only after the primary health plan finishes paying its part and cannot pay any more.

       Many people in America get health benefit from their respective employers that even covers their spouses so they want to use benefits from both their health plan to try and recover more expenses between the two polices. What they do not realize is that this is a useless effort because you cannot get paid for one health incident from two insurers. In very rare cases it is advisable to pay additional premium for secondary medical insurance plans when they provide essential coverage.

      You should opt for secondary medical insurance plans when the medical insurance coverage provided by your employer should not cover health insurance of your extended family or when you need special coverage.

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Secondary Medical Insurance Plans
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