Nicotine Test And Life Insurance

Nicotine Test And Life Insurance       Most life insurance companies prefer clients who do not smoke as health risks increase with smoking. By not smoking or not having smoked for at least 5 years, you can be sure that your insurance company will offer you lower rates than a smoker. The reason for this is very simple -- the chances of dying sooner increase when a person smokes.

      Life insurance companies tend to classify people based on their smoking habits and you will be classified as normal healthy if you do not used nicotine for at least three years. You will end up paying a reasonable rate as opposed to a smoker who will have to pay a higher premium rate because he or she is labeled as a potential risk.

     You will be considered a smoker even if you smoke one cigarette just one a year. However, it is possible to cheat the nicotine test which is necessary for a life insurance policy. Nicotine usually will clear out of your system 72 hours after you smoke your last cigarette. If you have to undergo a urine test for nicotine, the level of nicotine after 72 hours is so low that it might escape detection. This shows that nicotine test and life insurance goes hand in hand.

    However, if you are caught lying during the underwriting process, your premium rate will immediately be increased to what smokers pay and research has shown that smokers usually pay three times more than non-smokers! This is the reason when it comes to nicotine test and life insurance many smokers tend to lie in their applications.

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Nicotine Test And Life Insurance
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