Acid Reflux And Menopause  

Acid reflux or acidity is a condition that causes the stomach acids to burn the stomach walls in the digestive system. In normal terms, it is a condition commonly referred to as acidity. A lot of women experience acidity as a common symptom during pregnancy and they consume Gelusil as an effective form of medication which is normally prescribed by their doctor.

However, some women also get acidity during menopause and though the causes of it are unknown, it is one of the symptoms that many women report. GERD means gastroeasophegal reflux disease and in some women, it may have been present for a long time and some get the symptoms during conditions like pregnancy and menopause.
Why does menopause interfere with the digestive system is yet to be found out and there are strong indications that it might have something to do with the decline of the estrogen level in the body. 

Also, some women suffer from several other things like bloating, water retention, belching after eating, constipation and gas after consuming meals. This may sometimes be related to acidity or GERD. 

Women can actually control acidity by making changes to their diet. Women should consciously avoid smoking and avoid eating spicy food. Alcohol also increases acidity and this may only add to the bloating and belching. However, if these symptoms occur once in a way, then it might be related to the diet or the food that the women ate. But, if the symptoms occur on a regular basis, then it might be due to the on set of menopause.

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Acid Reflux And Menopause




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