Enlarged Uterus After Menopause  

Uterus plays an important role in a woman’s reproductive cycle. It is the organ that holds the baby and also causes the bleeding at the end of every menstrual period. Some women end up with an enlarged uterus after a pregnancy. In some women, it is possible that the uterus did not return or shrink back to its original size after delivering the baby.

However, the possibility of a woman having an enlarged uterus after menopause is unlikely and even if it has been diagnosed that way, it is highly possible that the enlargement was present much before menopause. The only remedy for an enlarged uterus is a hysterectomy, which will result in the removal of uterus. When the uterus is not functioning properly, it causes several problems in a woman like ovarian and cervical cancer. It can directly start affecting other organs like the digestive and even the heart.

Enlarged uterus is not a very serious condition and it can be rectified by removal of the uterus. Also, sometimes doctors may remove it partially only. There are several possible remedies and it depends on the severity and its interference with the rest of the body.

An enlarged uterus might cause a person to urinate frequently even after menopause. It is a sign that something is wrong because most of the problems related to menopause get resolved after the menopause period ends and the ovulation stops forever. However, if a woman continues facing problems with the reproductive organs even after ovulation stops, she should consult with a doctor.

The reason for enlargement of the uterus can be found out after a scan where the diameter and the width of the uterus are measured. They should fall within the normal range.

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Enlarged Uterus After Menopause




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