Morning Nausea In Menopause  

Many women who are nearing their menopausal stage often wonder why they experience nausea especially in the mornings. It is very identical to the nausea experienced during pregnancy and since it is not their age to be pregnant, it leaves them wondering why they are experiencing it every single morning.

Actually nausea is a very common perimenopausal symptom and women should be aware of such symptoms. Stress during menopause may be one of the reasons to trigger nausea in the morning. Also, it depends a lot on the diet. Even in pregnancy, the single biggest factor to cause morning nausea is the diet. Some types of food that you eat may make you more sensitive and cause nausea. In addition, the body may have less tolerance to certain types of food and that may cause you to vomit now and then.

Keeping a close watch on what you are eating may help during menopause. If you know for sure that consumption of certain food is causing nausea, you can avoid it. Some examples of foods that can cause morning nausea during menopause are dairy products including milk, caffeine, rice, lentils, red meat; high iron content food, zinc content food and also some medicines.

If you are on medication, then it is advisable to speak to the doctor and see if they are a possible cause of nausea. Sometimes, medications do interfere with the menopause process. Greasy and oily foods can also cause nausea during menopause. Avoid foods like that and also keep a check on spicy foods as they may cause acidity while you are suffering from morning nausea.

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Morning Nausea In Menopause




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