Weird Symptoms Of Menopause  

Menopause in women can cause all kinds of symptoms. Some symptoms can be rare and weird while others are very common and found practically in all menopausal women. The most common type of symptoms that women feel are hot flashes, morning nausea, head aches, chills, night sweats, mood swings and depression.

Some women may experience all the symptoms while others may get just few of them in different combinations. One of the weird symptoms that women experience is severe bloating. Some amount of bloating does usually occur when women are close to their menstrual cycle. However, some women completely bloat like a balloon which is unlike them and it is an unusual characteristic. Irregular heart beat is another symptom and some women feel the irregularity so badly that it can appear to them as if they are having a heart attack. There have been cases women have called 911 fearing that something is going wrong only to be diagnosed normal after ECG tests. However, the pounding heart beat can be directly related to menopause symptoms.

Inflammation of the joints is another symptom of menopause which is rare. When the joints are inflamed, they tend to become sore and cause a lot of pain. They resemble the condition of arthritis with swelling of the knuckles and knees. Perimenopause also exhibits all these symptoms and the worst is that these symptoms can last for almost 15 years before menopause finally comes in.

The biggest problem with these weird symptoms of menopause is that the chances of misdiagnosis are very high. Doctors can easily think that the symptoms a woman is experiencing could be arthritis or osteoporosis.

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Weird Symptoms Of Menopause




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