Symptoms Of Too Much Estrogen  

Too much estrogen or too little estrogen can cause several problems and symptoms for a woman. While finding high estrogen is more common in women who are in their mid thirties, finding low level of estrogen is highly common in women who are in their menopausal stage.

However, too much estrogen can harm a woman by causing blood clotting and/or vitamin D deficiency in the body. All these put together can actually increase the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, and also increase the possibilities of fracture. Decreased calcium levels can also cause arthritis or osteoporosis in women if they do not take care. There are several other symptoms that high estrogen levels can cause in women.

Women who have high estrogen levels suddenly feel they are more prone to allergies. Some women start feeling tenderness in breast and this may increase the possibility of breast cancer in them. Also, if estrogen level is high, then it can cause cold hands and feet, tiredness, mood swings, irritability and increased risk of strokes. Strokes can be caused due to coagulation in veins and blood vessels. Dry eyes and depression are other common symptoms that women face. Thyroid disorder is a possible outcome because decrease levels of iodine causes the estrogen levels to go up.

High estrogen levels also cause polycystic ovarian disease and cervical cancer. Also, women tend to gain a lot of weight around their hips and experience bloating during their periods. Increased estrogen levels can be caused due to poor diet and/or irregular menstrual periods.

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Symptoms Of Too Much Estrogen




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Symptoms Of Too Much Estrogen )
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