What Happens When Men Take Estrogen ?  

Estrogen is essential for men but excess estrogen can have harmful and detrimental effects on the man’s body. Men will be actually surprised to learn that estrogen which is a female hormone is produced by their body too. However, it is produced in extremely small amounts.

Why is estrogen produced in a man's body? Estrogen helps in the conversion process of the male hormone like testosterone. Also, a balanced level of estrogen production is required for men to have a healthy libido, proper brain functionality, heart rate regularizing and also it is required for strong bones. It is surprising to learn that estrogen in such a small amount actually plays such an important role in a man’s health.

However, if estrogen production is high in the body of a man, it can have adverse effects like weight gain, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction and prostate problems. When estrogen levels become high, then testosterone shuts down the process of production. Testosterone is required for a man's body for various functions like absorption of calcium and vitamin D and brain functions. If the production of testosterone stops, then the man will face many health risks in matters concerning the brain, heart and liver. Also, it exposes to the man to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Other types of cancer like bone and breast cancer can also be caused due to the increase in the level of estrogen. Even men can get breast cancer and more men are being diagnosed with it.

If men take estrogen externally, they face the risk of developing breasts and other female-characteristics like reduced facial hair growth, mood swings and shrillness of the voice.

Production of estrogen in men can be controlled by changing lifestyle habits.

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What Happens When Men Take Estrogen ?




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What Happens When Men Take Estrogen ? )
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