Foods That Stop Hot Flashes  

Hot flashes are mostly experienced by women during their menopausal stage and it is one of the most common symptoms of menopause that sets in during their 50s. Hot flashes or hot flushes cause the women to break into sweat suddenly and cause extreme discomfort in the upper part of the body.

Women tend to feel very hot during the episode of hot flashes. When this occurs in the night, it is called night sweats and it is very difficult to differentiate a hot flash from allow grade fever.

Some of the foods might promote hot flashes in women and most women tend to think it is the low level of estrogen in their body that is causing it. However, many women in their menopausal stage can actually avoid hot flashes by controlling their diet successfully. Some of the foods that promote hot flashes are alcohol and caffeine. When these drinks are had in excess, they can cause hot flashes in the nights. Also, taking hot food or liquids and smoking can increase the episodes of hot flashes. It also depends on the kind of clothing one wears to sleep. Anything than that can cause body heat to go up can actually result in a hot flash. While these are something that you must avoid for getting hot flashes, there are some things you can eat to avoid them too.

Then, there are foods that stop or help with hot flashes. That is why women should try to eat more cooling foods more like cucumbers and cold salad. Also, if you are eating meat, then try to eat a cold sandwich or a cold cut for dinner rather than hot cooked meat or food.

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Foods That Stop Hot Flashes




Herbal-Suppliment-For-Hot-Flashes      Hot flashes are one of the most uncomfortable symptoms to face and women with menopause often suffer from them. There is no real medication available to avoid hot flashes in the conventional medicine. Hot flashes are a condition where women break into excessive sweat either while sleeping in the night or during the day time. More..




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